Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with assets from multiple blockchains and networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Stacks and many others.

Atomic Wallet

The type of storage and cold, that is, it does not store cryptocurrencies in the cloud, it also does not have custody of the assets, the assets stored in the Atomic Wallet are under the responsibility of the user himself, for this reason it is very important that the private phrase decryption generated at the time of creating the wallet is stored securely, if the phrase is lost, the assets cannot be recovered. Atomic Wallet can be used via computer by installing the official APP or on smartphones.

Private key types

Atomic Wallet supports a single type of access to the cryptocurrency wallet, however it offers two types of backup, to restore assets, the first is through the private phase, you must generate it to start using the app; the second is through blockchain one-time access private key, in Atomic Wallet, the private phrase is responsible for managing the private keys.


When using Atomic Wallet, you will have access to several features from the APP itself, in addition to managing cryptocurrencies, it is also possible to make purchases on the card, exchange between cryptocurrencies and different blockchains, a Staking service that allows cryptocurrencies to generate profits while they are stopped in the wallet, NFT gallery, history of all transactions carried out, feature to send and receive digital assets.


AWC is the Atomic Wallet cryptocurrency, initially it was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, but today it is available on the Binance blockchain, its appreciation in recent years has reached more investors, not to mention its own Staking, it has differentiated profits in the market. .

10-999 AWC: 17% profit per year;

1000-9999: 20% profit per year;

from 10,000 AWC: 23% profit per year;

Private key management

Once you have created or restored the wallet with the private phrase, AW will give you access to all the aforementioned features, including the management of private keys by blockchain, which can be accessed in Settings > Private Keys, enter the wallet password to show the private keys.

All private keys contained in Atomic Wallet are the responsibility of the user. Be very careful and use them very carefully.

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