MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with Ethereum blockchain assets.


The type of storage is cold, that is, it does not store cryptocurrencies in the cloud, it also does not have custody of the assets, the assets stored in MetaMask are under the responsibility of the user himself, for this reason it is very important that the private key of decryption, generated at the time of creation of the wallet is stored securely, in case the private key is lost, the assets cannot be recovered.

Private key types

MetaMask supports two types of private keys, the 12-word security phrases; the one-time access private key. What do they have in common? Everything, because they are the ones that give access to the assets, the difference is that they are generated at different times.

Creating a wallet in MetaMask

To create a MetaMask wallet is very simple, for that I recommend you to visit the official website. Basically, there are two ways to install MetaMask, through a browser extension or by installing the app on your smartphone.

On first access, you will be asked if you want to import an existing wallet or create a new wallet; in the case of creating a wallet (Create wallet) you will be asked to create a password to access the extension, this password is only valid for the browser or device you are currently using, after confirmed a security presentation will be shown, proceed to the next step.

Click on (Click here to reveal secret words), to show the private phrase consisting of 12 words, store these words in a safe place and in the same order shown.

Then confirm the words in the same order they were shown, only then will MetaMask release control access to the account.

Restore wallet with private phrase

To restore an existing wallet, just have access to the private phrase, click on (Import wallet), enter the recovery words, then set a password for the browser or device you are currently using and that's it, your account should already be active .

Restore assets with one-time access private key

For this phase to be possible, the MetaMask must be active, connected to a wallet created or imported with the private phrase. With an active account, click on the profile picture and select import, paste the unique access key and confirm, done, now it is possible to interact with the assets.

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